EPSG HELP: Northbay Golf Resort


lemoncurdontoast: twitch lemoncurdontoast if you want to see how messed up my tempo is. extreme fasts and slows and about 3 perfects per 18 holes. RANT at end too. Nov 28, 2022 19:03:09 GMT -5
WhatAboutAmeobi: Monday PGA TOUR 2K23 stream at 1:00pm EST. Courses from bighockeyguy, DR_golfdesign (drommens83), Richnufc and more! www.twitch.tv/whataboutameobi Nov 28, 2022 12:43:37 GMT -5 *
Cecil Harvey: Just make sure your 3rd party info sharing option is turned on, and play your rounds in the TGCTours (Challenge Circuit) Society in game. Nov 27, 2022 21:57:49 GMT -5 *
aussiehacker99: Hi everyone, I gained entry into the CC-G tour. Is there anything I need to do in game to enter, Sorry I forgot how this process works. Nov 27, 2022 21:47:42 GMT -5
Demonondalinks: Ignore my last message please. Sorry. Nov 27, 2022 21:35:05 GMT -5
Demonondalinks: played my rd 1 12 hrs ago. Don't see it on CC D leaderboard yet. Says I've yet to tee off. Nov 27, 2022 21:33:07 GMT -5
Doyley: Promo Event #1 results Nov 27, 2022 21:07:22 GMT -5
Doyley: coming soon...261 promotions from promo event. Standby Nov 27, 2022 20:45:00 GMT -5 *
c6vette2010: Our condolences to you and your family Smiffy Nov 27, 2022 15:32:19 GMT -5
DDawg: Losing a loved one is always extra hard during the holiday season. Prayers and condolences, Smiffy. Nov 27, 2022 13:49:16 GMT -5
bigned56: Condolences to you and your family R.I,.P Nov 27, 2022 7:52:15 GMT -5
inflames47: So very sorry for your loss, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family Nov 27, 2022 4:19:55 GMT -5
Bear: I'm so very sorry to read this. Look after yourself and each other, friend. Nov 27, 2022 1:25:23 GMT -5
SMIFFYLFC79: Thank you all for all your kind words. Nov 26, 2022 23:01:31 GMT -5
nevadaballin: Smiffy bro, Ive been sad all day about this news. You know I have much love for u and your wife, she remains an inspiration to me. Wish I was there. Nov 26, 2022 20:58:02 GMT -5
bassman70: Oh my..I'm so sorry. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Nov 26, 2022 20:54:12 GMT -5
JosiaDB: Sorry to read this SMIFFYLFC79. Hoping for the best for you and your families. Nov 26, 2022 20:41:10 GMT -5
Cecil Harvey: You and yours have my condolences. So sorry to hear this. :( Nov 26, 2022 19:09:40 GMT -5
Art Vandelay: Smiffy that is horrible news, hoping that you deal with this change in the best way. Surround yourself with the people that will help you cope, and think about all the great times with her. Nov 26, 2022 18:33:43 GMT -5
xxdannyxxo: yep smiffy we not just a golf community here big thoughts are with you at this time Nov 26, 2022 18:05:11 GMT -5
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