Congressional Country Club - Now in TGC 2019!!!


MrQueez: Maybe one day there will be a Tour where analog and 3-click players can compete together. Avery Fields on Plat settings. I did Hackamore last week. Dec 1, 2022 2:34:58 GMT -5
LucasEatWorld: About to go live with my first two rounds of Elite! Nov 30, 2022 16:04:20 GMT -5
seamount4life: STREAM: Nov 29, 2022 21:37:45 GMT -5
Terry Grayson: VctryLnSprts and myself have published A DAM Beach Project .. A par 3 course for honing in on your short game... Hope you enioy Nov 29, 2022 20:54:10 GMT -5
tastegw: arrowhead acres Nov 29, 2022 17:01:27 GMT -5
digsb: Why don’t you try and design one yourself Danny? Nov 29, 2022 14:55:56 GMT -5
xxdannyxxo: if anything even been made yet as understand it takes a designer a while to create 1 Nov 29, 2022 14:39:00 GMT -5
xxdannyxxo: are there any new courses made specifically for 2k23 not ported from 21 if so where would i see a list ? Nov 29, 2022 14:37:35 GMT -5
fadgewacker: Move the marker up to 80% of full splash shot intent. Add backspin. Whack it out... Once you can do that, experiment with partial swing. The key to getting out of sand is tempo. Moving the shot intent up to 80% of full splash helps you hit tempo. Nov 29, 2022 6:18:16 GMT -5
Demonondalinks: Press B or right button on controller then you can choose where to hit from. Also go with max backspin and move marker further. Nov 29, 2022 5:17:37 GMT -5
digsb: Go to chipping practice, place ball in bunker, whack away all day long. It won’t help you are already doomed. Nov 29, 2022 3:01:34 GMT -5
Magyk: They really made splash shots the most difficult to execute shot in the game while also not having a bunker practice option so you can't use them on the driving range... Nov 29, 2022 2:30:52 GMT -5
coursedesignHQ: Made a timelapse of me designing and entire golf hole! Nov 28, 2022 19:56:33 GMT -5
lemoncurdontoast: Practice swing simulator 2k25 gonna be lit Nov 28, 2022 19:29:44 GMT -5
lemoncurdontoast: While I'm here, since we've gone default ball for realism it's 2023 and we're still setting up for pitching 8 irons 140y and splash shots roll further than a cheese down a hill. Nov 28, 2022 19:24:37 GMT -5
lemoncurdontoast: 50 mins in the fun starts Nov 28, 2022 19:17:08 GMT -5
lemoncurdontoast: twitch lemoncurdontoast if you want to see how messed up my tempo is. extreme fasts and slows and about 3 perfects per 18 holes. RANT at end too. Nov 28, 2022 19:03:09 GMT -5
WhatAboutAmeobi: Monday PGA TOUR 2K23 stream at 1:00pm EST. Courses from bighockeyguy, DR_golfdesign (drommens83), Richnufc and more! Nov 28, 2022 12:43:37 GMT -5 *
Cecil Harvey: Just make sure your 3rd party info sharing option is turned on, and play your rounds in the TGCTours (Challenge Circuit) Society in game. Nov 27, 2022 21:57:49 GMT -5 *
aussiehacker99: Hi everyone, I gained entry into the CC-G tour. Is there anything I need to do in game to enter, Sorry I forgot how this process works. Nov 27, 2022 21:47:42 GMT -5
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