Week 20 @ The Tributary


BobalooNOLA: Haven't been here in ages, but figured this is another good place to read 2k23 scuttlebutt, LOL. Hope everyone is doing well ... Aug 18, 2022 13:20:29 GMT -5
Oskins: Word is Tiger will be on the cover of new PGA Tour 2K23!! Aug 18, 2022 12:27:00 GMT -5
Doyley: We're aware WGR points didn't get handed out last week - not intentional and we're fairly confident we can retro fix that - will let you know if/when that is done. Aug 17, 2022 18:45:05 GMT -5
BrownieF104: Don’t we just go Top Golf if we want play Top Golf?? Aug 17, 2022 18:23:29 GMT -5
9ironanon: October 14th, Playable Tiger. Top Golf mode. Lets go. Aug 17, 2022 15:06:06 GMT -5
Doyley: should return to the normal schedule you set up for the next one. Apologies for the slight error. Aug 17, 2022 13:56:21 GMT -5
Doyley: Just an FYI - for those that chose the recurring donation option - we had a slight issue with the recurring portion of it that is now fixed. It's likely if you had a previous recurring donation skipped (the first one always worked) it was sent in today Aug 17, 2022 13:55:56 GMT -5
b101: Fancy a 45 minute design contest? Of course you do: tgctours.proboards.com/thread/31681/2k21-routing-challenge Aug 17, 2022 9:10:43 GMT -5
seamount4life: STREAM: twitter.com/Seamount4Life/status/1559729472424669185 Aug 16, 2022 21:31:48 GMT -5
Nicholas254: I am live now at twitch.tv/eclipse_gamingtv and I am playing BOB Society round 2 if you would like to watch. Aug 16, 2022 19:49:03 GMT -5
JTG_7708: the pictures are now on the forum submission! Aug 16, 2022 18:55:19 GMT -5
JTG_7708: whoever has seen mysouthern glades - Black Aug 16, 2022 18:54:50 GMT -5
SweetTeeBag: New game? Maybe we get blueorfe and ijs1543 back again :) Aug 16, 2022 16:53:44 GMT -5
Doyley: We'll obviously be holding off on any next season talk until after the info is out on 22nd - we can make a plan of attack after we find out if it's a release day or a release date (in the future) Aug 15, 2022 16:50:08 GMT -5
theclv24: I figured it might be interesting to a few folks here, and I Ihaven't gotten huge turnout on the raffles so a $10 gives you a decent chance to win. Aug 15, 2022 12:02:40 GMT -5
theclv24: If anyone wants to add some signed Tom Coyne books to their golf library, I've got an opportunity for you: twitter.com/greatlakesloops/status/1559213450194206721 Aug 15, 2022 12:01:54 GMT -5
WhatAboutAmeobi: Monday stream. Some course request play throughs, including the new collab by Q, matty, and others. Plus, I've been led to believe that something happened today. twitch.tv/whataboutameobi Aug 15, 2022 11:52:06 GMT -5
drewballz: New game hype!!!! Aug 15, 2022 11:48:55 GMT -5
Bear: No, it's not. There might -- and I stress might -- be some kind of announcement next week. Edit to say I missed the word "info" xD Aug 15, 2022 11:47:55 GMT -5 *
sroel908: For those who have not seen...PGA 2K23 info is coming out next Monday, Aug. 22: twitter.com/PGATOUR2K/status/1559178153783922690 Aug 15, 2022 10:15:04 GMT -5
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